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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Alternative Financing Options

Do you hate business office holds on your account at the start of the academic year? Don't worry, we have already hated them for you. That's why we've created this page to help you navigate the wealth of options available to help you finance your remaining educational costs.

First things first – if you are federal student aid eligible and you have not completed your FAFSA, go to it! Make sure you're taking advantage of all federal loans and grants before pursuing other loan types.

Please go here to complete Entrance Loan Counseling and Master Promissory Note requirements

Review Federal, State and Institutional Loan Options and the CSU Emergency Loan

Federal Direct Loan Interest Rates

Do you need a loan that your parents will borrow for you? Check out the Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) which offers fixed interest rates, in-school deferments and ability to write off interest paid on your taxes if you qualify.

If you would like to break up your balance into interest-free monthly payments, check out payment plan options – act fast and be aware of deadlines!

Private Student Loans are also a great way to meet your costs. These are primarily student borrowed and you can be eligible if you are enrolled on a less than half time basis (Half-time for undergrads is 6 credits, half-time for graduate students is 4 credits.) You can review lender options and terms on ELM Select.

Do you need to know what all the terms mean? Review our Private Loan Primer.