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Financial Aid

Enrollment Status

Some financial aid programs require a minimum level of enrollment for payment. The amount paid on other programs is based on the number of semester hours of enrollment.

Enrollment status is classified as follows:

Undergraduate Students

Full-time - 12 or more semester hours

Three-quarter-time - 9-11 semester hours

Half-time - 6-8 semester hours

Less than half-time - 1-5 semester hours


Graduate Students

Full-time - 9 or more semester hours

Half-time - 4 semester hours

Less than half-time - 1-3 semester hours


Loan recipients of Federal Direct Loans must be enrolled at least half-time (6 or more hours for undergraduates/4 or more hours for graduates) to receive loan funds.

Pell Grant recipients will receive the maximum payment for full-time enrollment. Payments are prorated for enrollment levels less than full-time.