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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Enrollment Status

Some financial aid programs require a minimum level of enrollment for payment. The amount paid on other programs is based on the number of semester hours of enrollment.

Enrollment status is classified as follows:


Undergraduate students

Full-time 12 or more semester hours
Three-quarter time 9-11 semester hours
Half-time 6-8 semester hours
Less than half-time 1-5 semester hours



Graduate students

Full-time 9 or more semester hours
Half-time 4 semester hours
Less than half-time 1-3 semester hours


Loan recipients of Federal Direct and Perkins loans must be enrolled at least half-time (6 or more hours for undergraduates/4 or more hours for graduates) to receive loan funds.

Pell Grant recipients will receive the maximum payment for full-time enrollment. Payments are prorated for enrollment levels less than full-time.

Governor's Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time and must have earned a cumulative 30 semester hours of credit after two semesters of receiving the Scholarship (effective 2001-2002). NOTE: This requires a level of enrollment greater than 12 hours per semester to obtain 30 semester hours within two semesters. Governor's Scholarship recipients should refer to the information provided by the Georgia Student Finance Commission at the time of their award.