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Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Institutional Scholarships

Listed below are scholarship categories.

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External Scholarships

Outside scholarships include any funding from sources outside of CSU, the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC), or the federal government. Awards from companies, foundations, civic and religious organizations, and employer tuition benefits are common examples of outside scholarships.

They can affect a student's aid eligibility, so they must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. Outside scholarships help meet a student's college costs, so we are required take these awards into account when determining eligibility for other aid programs.

If we have to adjust other sources of aid — which may be required under state and federal regulations — we always reduce need-based loans or work-study before reducing any gift aid, like need-based scholarships or grants.

Please note that the listing of outside scholarships on this page is for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Columbus State University Office of Financial Aid or Columbus State University. Neither the Columbus State University Office of Financial Aid nor Columbus State University can guarantee the accuracy or the timeliness of information found at any of the links in the listing.

Excellent sources to investigate the availability of external scholarships are:

  • High school counselors often have information of scholarships offered by local companies and clubs as well as scholarships designated for entering freshmen.
  • Employers often offer scholarships to their employees or children of employees. Please check with the Human Resources department.
  • lists information and applications for Georgia Scholarships.
  • Internet searches using the word "scholarship" will provide a multitude of national scholarship information
  • Scholarship search engines such as matches scholarships to your profile.